Bio I wrote for Alicia for the IQA website:

Alicia Radford has spent the majority of her life living on the West Coast and convincing the world that she’s a professional and composed human being. However, after moving to NYC, she has developed a particular fondness for pronouncing the word “bagel” correctly and putting inappropriate toppings on her pizza. Initially jumping into the world of quidditch by forming a team at the University of Washington where she attended, she has since perfected her degree in writing shit well and Deutsch (which means German for those of you who are Germanophobic). She currently resides as the token non-Jew at the Jewish National Fund, where she makes computers happen. Against her will, most of Alicia’s time is often spent eating food that is not gourmet, correcting falsified rumors that she is an international super-spy and masquerading as a small bit of fluff. If she had it her way, Alicia would most often be found huddled around a good book with a various selection of teas, humoring the possibility of getting a cat with roommate and IQA Marketing Director Max Kaplan, and not having to wait for IQA Commissioner Alex Benepe, because his tardiness would be somehow magically remedied. But alas, the world can not be a perfect place.

Alicia, notorious for responding to the name “Autobahn” (she prefers to be called Autobahn actually, why don’t you give it a try next time you see her!) has immediate plans to start a book club and become the next Oprah. As the next Oprah, she plans to serve cheesecake with raspberries at her first book meeting in a plan to steal the hearts of America (ain’t she fabulous ladies and gents?!). Lastly, Alicia would like to kindly request that for her next birthday that you all chip in and buy her the moon.