My bio for the IQA website:

After first becoming involved with the IQA the Summer of 2011, Winter has impressed the whole of the IQA with her maturity and originality of curse words. A geosciences major with a minor in archaeology, she will graduate with a degree in digging shit up from Smith College. After Smith, she hopes to find a profession where she can combine her loves of quidditch and digging shit up. As you can imagine, these jobs are rather hard to come by. It has been suggested that an internet gossip blogger would do the trick, but nothing is set in stone quite yet. In her spare time, Winter enjoys making horrible puns, scuba diving, drawing unnecessarily detailed diagrams for her math homework, and looking at rocks under a petrographic microscope. She can often be found losing every pair of her socks, trying not to cuss very loudly in family-friendly restaurants (She’s been repeatedly informed that something called an “inside voice” exists, but doesn’t quite believe it). 
With a rather public love for movies such as She’s the Man, and How to Train Your Dragon, Winter has been an outspoken voice commending such critical dramas since 1992, when she was born. At the tender age of 19, this makes her the youngest member of the IQA Management Team by three years. Lastly, she would like to thank her family and her friends at the Academy for making this award possible: I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.